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Need help with magtube factory item routing problem.

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I'm making a large factory using magtubes,retrievers, and retrievulators for routing the items.

The basic setup is several towers each doing different things. The first tower condenses all the raw materials needed for later crafting, while later towers make each item or sub items.

I discovered a problem where items from the second tower, making things like pneumatic tubes, silicon boules, etc, are getting put into the condensers of the first tower. I was wondering if there was something like a one way tube, possibly a restriction tube?, or a machine that could make the system one way. Each tower is connected by a single magtube, or other tube if necessary. Will post a link to screenshots.

EDIT: it seems that upon further inspection the items are only going into the three bottom condensers which i would assume is because of the tubes function of sending items to the closest available inventory.

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