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BigDig Worldgen to other modpacks?


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Hi, well, i've been wondering lately, is it possible to transfer bigdig ore generation algorithms to another modpack say Direwolf20 1_5 pack? y'know, big dig focus on things to do, not mining, which in my opinion pwns, and is one of the only reasons i'm playing bigdig now, since it don't have IC2 or Thaumcraft 3 or railcraft, i mean one of the joys i had when i first heard of modded minecraft(a.k.a. Tekkit) was making those intrincate cart systems or making nuclear reactors enjoying near-invulnerability with quantum suits, or making carbon plates for nano armor early on, of course, who doesn't lik the neat design and usefulness of Mekanism machines and how they can be smart about their output,but without IC2 it's almost as if it wasn't modded minecraft at all. Anyway is it possible? if it is can you share details on how to?

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I figured out that the mods that are dealing with custom world gen in the big dig pack are cofh(thermal expansion and the like). in the config files under cofh there is a file called world, which allows you to change the spawn rates of nearly all the ores, especially vanilla ones. 32x4x20 veins of diamonds. YES!

be careful with this however, I have a custom pack in which i edited this config file the way i was supposed to and now am getting a error during chunk generation of a new world. I do not know if this is caused by the custom settings or caused by the new launcher update because i changed the config files and while I was changing them the launcher updated, so i have no idea what caused teh issue.

I plan to reset the world gen to defalt and try again. I will report back when I have further info

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