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Chunks Loading in Black


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So i Play My own Mod pack that I created for me and my friends(Its just tekkit with stuff added that's why im posting here) and When ever i travel around some chunks will just be black until i walk on them.


Does anyone know whats causing this?

This is my mod pack


here's a mod list

-Forge mod loader





-Rei's minimap

-Industrialcraft 2








-IronChest mod



-Steves's Carts


-Balkon's WeaponMod



(other small mods/add-ons like thermal expansion and longistics pipes etc...)

-Smart Moving

-Revolver mod

A few of RISUGAMI's Mods:

-Elemental Arrows

-More Stackables

-Sign Tags

-Death Chest



-More Enchantments mod


-MorePistons mod


Please help! thanks

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