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DimensionalDoorsData causes End of Stream


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Hello, me and a couple of friends started a little Tekkit game using the built-in LAN option with the port opened. All was going well until everyone got kicked except from me, the host. Every time anyone tried to join id get the "[iNFO] [sTDOUT] Memory connection overburdened; after processing 2500 packets, we still have (number) to go!"

error which causes everyone to get "End of stream". I did a little debugging by creating a backup of the world, then deleted each file separately and tried to connect each time until I came across the "DimensionalDoorsData" and "DimensionalDoorsDataOLD" file. After deleting this, everyone could finally rejoin but now we cannot explore dimensions D:

The thing that's really bugging me is, none of us had actually entered a dimension before or after the error and it makes me want to know what caused the error. Maybe a new surface door found or something? Does any body know if its possible to recreate all the existing dimensions or does the generation not calculate from the seed? I tried to recreate my world using the seed and the co-ords of the doors didn't contain them. I also tried a few commands but they didnt seem to do anything.

Oh and a quick note... I can replace the file and access the dimensions but then no one could join. The only other thing i could do is go round creating dimensions in each gate.

(TL;DR My DimensionalDoorsData folder causes people to get "End Of Stream" is there any fix?)

I know this isn't really the area for bug reports but I'm not really reporting this as i just need help to possibly recreate my dimensions.

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I had two players who pretty much couldn't play on my server until I removed most of the DimDoors mod, which is unfortunate. My advice is to disable the item crafting except for iron dimensional doors (used for making pocket dimensions). I'm not sure what's up with the mod but a fair number of people simply don't get along with it at all. Another odd thing, power suit night vision renders you blind in any DimDoors dimension until it wears off :(

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Well that does suck :( ... Oh well, I just used the "/dd-rift random" command in the entrance of each broken rift and got them back, but if anything else acts up ill probably just disable the mod :) Thanks for the reply and that about the power suit is pretty odd :S :)

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