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[1.1.10] [ShitterShack Tekkit Server] [Survival] [10 slots] [no banned items or mods]

Redneck Rebel

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Server IP: shittershack.no-ip.org

Their are no mods or banned items.

Cheating and Stealing will no be tolerated!

If you didn't build it or mine it. LEAVE IT ALONE

Plugins being used:

  • DeathChest
  • GroupManager
  • Essentials
  • WorldEdit and WorldGuard

The ShitterShack is looking for a few more players to build and have some great tekkit fun. We have decided to have no banned items or mods to try to have the playing experience as possible.

All are welcome to join. The only rule is to respect everybody's hard work. Most of our players are all in our 20's and 30's.


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Hey since I teleported to Rebel i am constantly losing connection and I don't know why so if you could figure out how to fix it that would be great

Seems to be a bug when trying to teleport to a player with a forcefield running. Had this problem with one of my admins. Only fix I know is to remove your player file so you spawn at the world spawn point.

I have removed your player file so you should have no problem logging in. You will loose whatever items you had on you at the time.

If you need some help remaking items I can help with that next time I see you on.

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