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[1.1.8] Minecraftpredator [Survival ][No mods removed][Griefers will get banned][startup Community]


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we have a new nearly Vannila Tekkit 1.1.8 Server running and are searching for new, active Members.

We also recommend that you are able to follow the rules and can avoid using unappropriate Language.

Our Rules are:

!NO griefing, raiding, messing up envoirement (huge unreffilled quarry holes on the land etc.)

!respect other players

!no hacking

!dont build in a 500 block radius of other players unless youve asked them

!Dont use other language except German and English

We hope you will find your way and join our Community.

Teamspeak: minecraftpredator.de

Server-IP: minecraftpredator.de:25565

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