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[3.1.2] InstaTekkit [192 slots] [24/7] [PvP] [Factions] [Raid]


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- The Big Raid -

Ever wanted to be really rich on a server? Well this raid can make you extremely rich if you can raid it. The cords are -495 +1186 head north from /warp wild to find it.


- Hunger Games-

Since of the new Hunger Games movie we have decided to put this on our server but with a twist.Not only will the players try to kill you but so will hordes of mobs. Tons of spawners are placed throughout the map so it gives the player a harded experience. Come and see so for yourself

- Rules -

1) AFK skipping is not allowed

2) Respect everyone as you would in real life

3) Do not spam, or use excessive swearing

4) Griefing, stealing, or hacking is a allowed offense

5) Do not say intolerant, racist, or sexist things.

6) Do not advertise other servers

== Banned Items ==

Evertide amulet

reason: Can grief spawn

Volcanite amulet

reason:Can grief spawn


reason:Can place restricted items


reason:Causes lag

Mercurial eye

reason:Causes lag and can cause player to crash

Black hole band

reason:Cause lag with entities

== Restricted Banned items for Ranks ==

Quantum Chestplate

Mk2 and Mk3

Gravity Greaves

Infernal armor

Forcefield Core

Redmatter Chestplate

== Voting ==


== Website/Forums ==


== PvP and Raiding ==

Our goal in InstaTekkit is to make a hard server which players have to work for their items. No one wants to play a server which everyone is OP that's why we restricted some of the items and disabled some things.The only thing we have disabled is right clicking on katar. We have done this because it absorbs all damage taken if a player hits another player. Everyone knows how OP the quantum set is but if you eliminate the chestplate the set isnt OP anymore. We have made this item rank restricted so the player is killable

Plugin list:


Essentials Core, Spawn and Chat






Simple Chat Channels

World Border

World Edit

World Guard

We expect mature players, because we have an ever growing community of great players and companies (using factions) so if you would like a friendly tekkit experience, with the company/business twist then this is the server for you!


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