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Universal Electricity


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Hello all. I posted a thread similar to this on Minecraft forums asking for help, but I guess they have better things to do. Any help would be appreciated.

I have recently installed a group of mods that fall under the Universal Electricity pack, and certain features aren't working.

Before anyone states the obvious, I have moved my Minecraft back to version 1.6.4 in order to play these mods.

The problems are as follows:

1) In the ICBM mod, the Antimatter explosive - both in ICBM and bomb form does not work correctly. Upon detonation, no visible damage is inflicted to the land. Other explosives, such as the Red Matter type, work fine, and the antimatter explosive manages to stop the resulting black hole correctly.

2) I appear to have set up a Particle Accelerator correctly. However, upon placing matter into the Particle Accelerator, the "buffer" begins to increase in volts but the matter does not go above 0% velocity. The status goes from "Idle" to "Accelerating" for just a flash periodically, and then the visible particle in the tube disappears and the power meter resets back to zero.

I would have thought that this would have something to do with transformers - however, to my knowledge, these have been removed from the mod, leaving me to hook a fission reactor up to the accelerator with a length of wire (the highly conductive kind). This provides power, but the problem remains.

3) There are two kinds of Tin and Copper ore. One belongs to galacticraft, and the other has been placed in "materials". Both can be used with each other thanks to the Universal Electricity mod, however just the awkwardness of having two ores which should be one is enough for me to list it as a problem.

This is the least important problem, as I can live with it, but if anyone has a solution, that would be great.

4) Finally, the extra planets don't show up in Galacticraft. I have placed the appropriate .jar file in my Mods folder alongside the Galacticraft.jar.

Thanks in advance to any answers.

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