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Big Dig server is BROKEN! help!


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i go to big dig server downloads and when i get the server and when i run the big dig server the big dig server says it cannot download a few things and it gives me a link to download it manually, Well when i go to that site i get a 404 Error so i cannot even download a big dig server : ( so i thought well other servers have plugins on their server and so hmm if i get that i can get my server up and running and it can have plugins! so yay! so now the problem is Now how do i do it? i am trying to make an MCPC-Plus big dig server! so yay! but when i look up a tut online on how to do it there are no tutorials for big dig or really any other mod pack. So how do i get a MCPC-Plus server with big dig on it? can anybody help me get it?

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