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Hello Tekkit Classic Community!

Me and my friends have set up a server and have been playing for about 2 months now. We have got very far and now wants to build some big cities, but dont want to spend that much time placing block-by-block. We are currently using the Template, but since it only record the shape of the building there's alot of work to switch the templates and stuff.

So that's why I wonder if I could make a request? I have been reading about the buildcraft and found out that Blueprints either have been available and/or is now available in later updates, thought not in the update which Tekkit Classic support. I really want the blueprints, and i think more people wants it too. In some thread on some forum I read about the Tekkit Classic modpack not being updated anymore, and I think it's sad, but that's me. Me and my friends love the Tekkit Classic modpack and don't really want to change to another, since som awesome mods have been removing, for example in the Tekkit modpack. I have also been searching around for updates on each modpack that support each other but too many mods are old and doesn't support the other new updates.

So that's why I wonder if there are anyone out there who either know a way to add or enable the Blueprints in my mod, or know a way to get it. It would be great if someone wanted to help me enjoy Tekkit Classic a little bit more!


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