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Tekkit server 30gb RAM, looking for builders and developers :)


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Hi guys! I just made some money, and now im ready to buy a server! Im looking for developers, which can nerf certain items, do alot plugin thingy, and just do alot :)

Im also looking for builders, for our spawn, and all that :)

If you wonna do this, I will give you Developer or Builder :)

Ip: atm. its safetycraft.no-ip.org, but it will be safetycraft.net soon :)

Hope u wonna do this job, for us!

Btw. paying 1 dollar, and developers will get a payout every month :)

Sending a spawn would be appreciated, as we are waiting for the server to come up :)

Best Regards

- Sicl Owner of SafetyCraft

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Hi, Thanks for your interest, I would be HAPPY to to join your server!

I am a good develepor, although I am also not too bad at building. I could do both if you wanted?

Speaking of which, I dont want any money... Im happy to work for free =D

If you ever need someone to do a LOT of manual labour on the server, or just doing things, my brother diamondminer777 is very good at that. He is also an excellent builder.

Anyways, Cya on the server


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