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Increasing capacity of Support Frames / Motors


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Hello i'm currently trying to build a house that raises and lowers itself into the ground.

Issue - Max capacity of Motors / Frames =1000 <--- I need maybe 2500

2nd Issue - Tekkit Wiki says all I have to do is... *Posted at the bottom* *I'm doing this for my server which is hosted by a 3rd party*

This fix does not work for me, no matter what I change "Linksize" number to it will not start back up even if I change the number back to 1000 it still remains broke and will not start.

Crash report ---> http://pastebin.com/MN2rSTC3

Willing to try any suggestions even if it's made for client versions.

*Tekki Wikki*

Windows: "AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkit\redpower\redpower.cfg









linksize = 1000

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