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[3.1.2] RC-Tekkit / NO BANNED ITEMS / BIG COMMUNITY / Multi-Server/ Fixed Content/ MINIGAMES(10+)


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Server IP : classic.rc-gamers.com

Website: http://rc-gamers.com

TS3: ts3.rc-gamers.com

hello guys,

One of the oldest and still running Tekkit classic server. We have each world and system running on a separate dedicated server and linked them all together to our HUB. This system should improve the gameplay and delivers maximum performance.

We have invested alot of time to fix each modpack to provide the players a fair gameplay in the multiplayer environment. So why not try us? you wont be dissapointed! And we are always open for suggestions and wishes.

What we offer:

-No Banned items

-Multi-Server = No Lag! 20tps 24/7

-HUB with Minigame Server

-PVE Survival server / Factions Server / Creative Server

-Fixed Content. Thats right, the only server that allows no banned items without that players getting abusive or griefing others

-Active community and nice staff

We have no banned items but few items are restricted to certain ranks:

-EE2 Tool Katar + Morningstar = Diamond + God + Uber

-Infernal Armor (Whole Armor) = Uber Only

-ComputerCraft = for all donators

-Collector MK3 = Diamond + God + Uber


1. No griefing.

2. Do not ask for items.

3. Respect everyone.

4. Do not abuse any glitches/bugs/dupes etc.

5. Do not use hacks or cheats.

6. Report dupes/glitches/bugs to staff.

7. Do not sell items cheaper than 64 EMC = 1$ ratio.

8. Report players that are abusing something/anything.

9. Do not advertise.

10. Do not violate the rules.

for more information visit : http://rc-gamers.com




PVE Survival




Minigames Server


ps: i want to add more pictures but thats the Thread limit. sorry :X Try us out to see more amazing events! http://rc-gamers.com

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