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DokuCraft in Hexxit?


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So I have been scouring google search and youtube and hell even some of the forums. But no where can I find out how to install the DokuCraft Texturepack onto my Hexxit. Idk if Hexxit can even support such a texture pack? Or is there a way to circumvent that? ANyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem of mine? Please and thank you!!

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I have also looked everywhere for a doku craft texture pack for Hexxit, but I imagine it would have the same problems as BDCraft aka Sphax. They do not make a separate texture pack for a different modpack. This means that all they do is make a patch for specific textures (such as blocks that are nonexistent in vanilla), which can be quite the hassle. Most of the time you only need to download any vanilla texture pack and it will work with a modpack, but since hexxit has so many textures, and it isn't nearly as popular as say tekkit or tekkit classic, it does not have as many texture packs. Therefore we are shit out of luck for finding a texture pack unless we as a community make one, but copyrights protect us from modifying their textures and publicly releasing them.  So all we can do is make requests for a hexxit patch on their original textures. If you have any luck finding a dokuCraft texture pack with hexxit and/or a patch, please post here to help others out. I will do the same if I come across anything. Sorry I couldn't be much help, but maybe we will be heard and the texture pack will be made.

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