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[1.6.4]MinecraftMoonquest[PvE&PvP][50 slots][MoonquestModpack][Factions]

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Are you a fan of the yogscast moonquest series? Does the modpack sound like alot of fun to play? Well finally there is a moonquest server!

The server is running mcpc+ and the moonquest modpack from the technic platform. We've got active staff, friendly players and anti griefing measures. Check out our site for more info

Modpack found here:http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/moonquestmc.202735

IP: minecraftmoonquest.com

SITE: http://www.minecraftmoonquest.com/

Teamspeak: voice.minecraftmoonquest.com

server specs:

    • AMD 2.6GHz Octocore(x8core),
    • 32GB DDR3 RAM,
    • 250GB Raid 1 SSD
    • extreme high internet connection

plugin list:

    • SimpleBackup,
    • GroupManager,
    • Referrals,
    • WorldEdit,
    • Buycraft,
    • mcore,
    • SimpleBroadcast,
    • Votifier,
    • Essentials,
    • Factions



Hope to see you in space soon!

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