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[1.5.2]NOTS Server[PvP][30 Slots][Whitelist][Nerd on the Street Pack] Politics, survival and more!

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Welcome to the new NOTS Server.


Important: to join you MUST register for the whitelist here: http://nerdonthestreet.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=46

New Mod Pack

The biggest change in the new server is the revamped mod pack. The days of IndustrialCraft are over. It's time for more versatile mods that won't be conquered so easily. "Modular" describes the new pack. Teams no longer have to have the same equipment. Now everything can be customized specifically for the players' needs. It's all based around Universal Electricity, and it's a whole new experience for IC2 players.

Read more at the Technic page here.

New Rules

You're never going to want your base near spawn again. On the new server, "griefing" has been redefined. Everything within a few dozen blocks of spawn is public, peaceful, no-build territory. Everything else? All bets are off. Force fields will look better and better now that stealing and PVP are allowed in the overworld. Want to build safely? You've got options. The Twilight Forest is peaceful territory, so if you can make it there, you're set. You've also got force field systems and, of course, plain old hidden bases on your side. However, griefers have options too. With intercontinental missiles now in the game, you're going to be a whole lot more careful about who you give your coords out to. And the nether is a PVP zone, so you'll have to be extra careful there.

You're free to form alliances and make trade agreements, but the server's at war.

New Stargates

As always, the NOTS Server is centered around Greg's SG Craft, which is now more realistic than ever. Stargate travel is one-way. Gates shut down after 38 seconds. Only the dialing end can shut down a connection. Force fields created around gates can serve as iris systems. And random gates spawn at key points throughout the world, opening tons of possibilities for resource gathering. With all this and more, players have never had more motivation to enter the Stargate network.






Join Now

You'll get one Stargate and 16 Naquadah the first time you log in. The new server is whitelisted, but it's not hard to join. We just need a few details about you in case you ever go rouge. To apply, visit our Nerd on the Street forum post

here and follow the application guidelines at the bottom of the post.

Legal Text

  • Link to the mod pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nerd-on-the-street-pack.193431
  • Server IP: minecraft.nerdonthestreet.com
  • Server Rules: the Overworld is griefing and stealing. The Nether is griefing, stealing and PVP. The Twilight Forest is safe zone, no griefing, stealing, or PVP. Bullying is not tolerated anywhere. Go to our NOTS post here to find out more.
  • Server Description: see above. The Nerd on the Street server is based largely around technology, as well as politics. We're dubbing everything "new" at this point because we recently reworked both our mod pack and our server rules from scratch.
  • Expected Uptime: we aim for 24/7, although we're only human.
  • Server Community: we expect players to act professionally, but the purpose of the server is to have fun. Bullying is never tolerated. Bans take place at the server owner's discretion. We currently only have a few players, so the world's wide open!
  • Whitelist Details: see above. We require your name, username, age, and time zone to join.
  • Some Effort: you will find our staff quite professional, though their friends (Tyler) aren't always in line. We hope you enjoy our server and its corresponding pages and branding, and we encourage community feedback.

Legal Text

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