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[1.3.9]The Legion BigDig Server [Grief][PVP][Very little Banned items]


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Welcome and thanks for visiting our recruitment thread!

IP : TL.playrh.nl

What is TheLegion?

The Legion is a clan/community that has been running for nearly 3 years! We play all sorts of games, whether it be minecraft, or battlefield series! everything that is fun is played.

So what is this server?

The Legion Clan has decide to expand its modded Minecraft influence by hosting a brand new BigDig PvP Factions server. There Will be no protections versus grief except factions! So use your skill and be as secretive and as hidden as you can to protect yourself. And yes! Raiding and griefing is allowed! Server will Hold up to 40 players! And lets not forget, Only a tiny amount of items are banned to prevent duping, and server crashes!

And...What do I get from This server?

You will get a great and mature staff, that will try to help all players at all times. You will also be offered a teamspeak server to enhance your teamplay while you raid other factions! Players will also get an Admin Shop, and if need be, a Donation List will be setup. We will offer people a website and a forum to keep all players updated on the newest things the server will get.

How do I join?

Simply head to Technicpack.net. Download their Launcher, and login with your minecraft account, and launch BigDig. It might take a while to download but as soon as its done, head over to the multiplayer tab, and add TheLegion server with the following IP:


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