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[1.4.7]Tekkit little permittor


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Hello folks i am thomas15v. I wrote a small plugin called Tekkit little permittor that does the following.


  • Make sure a block only can be used by 1 player at the time (Project-table bug fix)


  • Blocks block places from mods. So you can use jobs plugin without worrying about exploiting this.
  • Blocks EXP gaining from furnaces (fixing infinite EXP bug)


  • Worldguard wrench and tools blocking
  • Worldguard Globally tool blocking (also for ops)
  • Worldguard block protection (using "chest-acces" flag)
  • worldguard block protection (using "use" flag (bugged atm))

You can download it from dev.bukkit here. If you have any suggestion i could add i would love to hear them ;).

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