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[3.1.2]AstronautCreeper's Tekkit[PvP][200 slots][EE Enabled]


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AstronautCreeper's Tekkit Classic

Server IP: <----Make sure it's 25566. If its 25565 it will take you to voltz


  • Don't Disrespect Staff
  • Don't Cheat/Hack/Exploit Glitches etc.
  • Don't beg for op. You aren't getting it
  • Don't beg for items either. I'm serious about this one.
  • Have fun. If at any point I don't think you're having fun, you could be kicked

There are no removed mods from this server. It's just like the single player experience but with other people

There aren't any banned items either. Just please don't f*ck sh*t up.

As for the plugins, we have a teleport plugin for tpa's, and even /tploc x y z. You can tp to coordinates on this server. I hope that makes up for the fact that we don't have sethome on here.

There is also no permissions plugin. I feel that everyone should get a fair chance to play and not have to pay money or donate to enjoy the game.

I started this server because I don't want to have to play alone. Lets be honest, singleplayer is kind of boring. That's why you can have friends to join my server.

Okay, so the server *should* be up 24/7. If it crashes, then it crashes. It hasn't crashed yet but just in case it does, just be ready for it.

Right now(November 16th) there are only people that have played on my voltz server on it. I'm hoping more people will join after reading this. It doesn't matter who you are, as long as you will follow the rules.

That's all I have to say. Please join my server. Thanks in advanced

-AstronautCreeper Mod Edit: Don't sign your posts.

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