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Question about simple power storage


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So, this is using latest Tekkit version (1.1.10, if I remember correctly, based on 1.5.2 base), on the latest version of the server (also 1.1.10).

I'm attempting to build a basic power setup using a Bio Reactor and BioFuel Generator, they are currently working perfect for me. Now in a attempt to store the power, and smooth out the distribution, I created a Makeshift Battery and the Tier 2 upgrade for it. I placed the battery next to the Generator, so that I'd be able to get away with less wiring later. So here is the issue.. It charges up a bit, then goes into negative energy (something like -24000), but continues to charge up to 14464 / 80000 where it stops. Is this a common glitch? Is it only visual?

EDIT: So it seems this doesn't happen in single player, only on a server.

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Thought I'd update this, for anyone else having the same problem. After playing for a couple days, I can safely say that it's only a visual glitch. It's working fine other than that small issue, which doesn't really bother me to be honest. Back to the game for me :)

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