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[1.1.10]Wesscraft Gaming Tekkit Server [PvP][70 slots][No Whitelist][DD removed]


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Server IP: tekkit.wesscraft.net

Community Owner: rwess2

Server Admin: Slaylucas4

The wesscraft gaming community - I first began this community early 2012

I originally made a Bukkit server and now have Tekkit running.

The Tekkit server is a 70 slot, 24/7 server and lag free.

The main purpose of wesscraft is to provide a tekkit players with all levels of experience a place to play and meet new people and have fun most of all.

Sure, sometimes there are times when the server has its troubles but they are fixed as soon as they can be.I aim to make Wesscraft a safe and fun place for everyone of all ages to enjoy.


Wesscraft's website contains a forum which enables people to share opinions, discuss anything with members, post server suggestions, apply for a position as staff and even appeal a ban.

We highly recommend joining us on the website as the latest server and community is posted on there to keep our members up to date.

Website address: wesscraft.enjin.com

Disabled Mods

Our disabled mods include:

  • DD (dimensional doors) is completely disabled

  • Mystcraft

I did not take lightly disabling these mods as each one is an important part of the game, however these mods can cause the server severe lag which will affect you and the server.

Banned Items

  • Dynamite
  • Battle axes
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Toxic waste
  • Matter Cannon
  • TNT/Mini TNT


Our most important current installed plugins are shown below:

  • Group Manager(Staff/Admin use, used for permissions)
  • ClearLag (An auto entity clearer, It can be an annoying plugin but helps with stability)
  • Buycraft (Our donation plugin with great packages, All money goes back towards the server)
  • ScheduledAnnouncer2 (For our broadcasts in game)
  • Prism (Anti-grief plugin, enabling the logging of many things)
  • World Guard (Admin tool for guarding areas)
  • World Edit (Builder/Admin tool for building)
  • Essentials (Different permissions for different ranks as its an essential plugin, no pun intended)
  • LWC (Member and above, used for locking of chests, also added modded chests)
  • Voxel Sniper (Builder/Admin, Used for building)
  • Factions(All Players)

The server rules are imporntant and need to be followed if not it may result in a ban.

  • No Mods, X-ray's or X-ray texture packs are allowed.
  • Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is not allowed, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.
  • No CAPS, Racism, or swearing in chat.
  • Always respect all members.
  • If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat).
  • No SPAMMING in chat.
  • Please try and avoid floating buildings.

I look forward to meeting you all

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