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[SOLUTION] Launcher moves away from Cursor. [SOLUTION]


Launcher Version: 342

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate

Java Version: 7

Antivirus Program: Microsoft Security Essentials, Volcan Scanner, Malbytes Anti malware.

Description of Problem:

The window for the launcher moves away from the mouse.

Or is stuck to the mouse in other cases.

Video of of another member with

The same problem

I have solved this problem though, and I'd like to share the solution.

I had, this problem and my normal MC launcher was also not working. I fixed this by either updating Java (Downloading and reinstalling) or use ninja skills and try to move my mouse faster than the launcher can move, and click so then the mouse was stuck to a new part of the launcher, and then I pressed the middle mouse buttom and clicked random buttons on the mouse, BOTH OF THESE THINGS were happening at the same time when it fixed, So I don't know which, Probably updating java if I used my common sense, but I like to think I have ninja skills :)


I used the download on the main page.

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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Im bumping this thread in hopes that someone has found the answer, you are having the issue just logging in but I can login just fine, this problem comes when I try and add a new mod pack my mouse will move that window and the options window as well, ive tried everything in hopes you have found the final answer to this annoying problem

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