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Twilight Forest Crash


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Hello there,

So I was playing Hexxit on singleplayer when (I think)a combination of actions made my MC crash. I then closed the error message and restarted the client and chose my singleplayer world. As my world file began to load MC began to close itself down and a message appears: "Shutting down internal server..." after that MC stops functioning and crashes.

This happens to me every time I try to load the world file; MC loads the world and then it shuts itself down and crashes. Now the reasson why I think the first crash happend is because I was fighting a Goblin Knight in a dungeon within the Twilight Forest and as I was fighting my sword broke and I had to switch to a scythe. With a scythe you have a "power attack" at the RMB; when you kill a mob with this ability it spawns a soul.

So my natural assumption was that obviously because the scythe was part of the The Harken Scythe mod, it didn't recognize the Goblin I was fighting because it wasn't a vanilla MC mob thus making my game crash. I tried to make my character spawn on a different location/dimension in the hope that MC wouldn't have to try to spawn a soul from a mob that may not be compatible with the Scythe mod, but my effort were without success.

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