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Extreme RAM consumption [Solved]


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So, my tekkit clients consumes 5-15 mb per second, going up to 6gb then start to swap my windows like hell, making it unable to play or do anything like even browsing.

I have official launcher and latest java x64 on windows 8.1. My RAM amount is 8gb.

In launcher settings, memory limit is specified to 1 gb. (And seems like it's totaly ignoring it)

So basically i can play only for 10-15 minutes, then trying to close tekkit (which lags a lot for the next 5 minutes when windows is trying to free that memory and swaps like hell), then starting it again...

So is there any tricks or hints to play it without that kind of mindblow every 10 minutes?

Playing on my own dedicated server, if that matters. It's running on remote PC. So memory consumption is only from client.


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