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Tekkit Connection Issues


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Hi all! Very recently I've started having a problem connecting to Tekkit servers. Whenever I try to connect to a server, I get the message "Failed to login: Bad login." I've searched around the internet for fixes, but no one seems to know what to do. Here's a quick list of info:

  • Yes, I have a Minecraft premium account.
  • No, the authentication servers are not down.
  • Yes, I've tried completely logging out of the launcher & logging back in.
  • Yes, I've tried restarting the launcher.
  • Yes, I've tried restarting my computer.
  • Yes, I am whitelisted on every one of the servers I've tried.
  • No, I am not banned on any of the servers I've tried.
  • Yes, I've tried completely reinstalling Technic.
  • Yes, I've tried completely reinstalling Minecraft.
  • Yes, my firewall & antivirus are off.

I know this isn't the right forum for Tekkit Lite or Tekkit Classic, but it's interesting to note that I am having the same problem with both of those modpacks as well. If anyone has a solution to this problem, or any info, I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

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