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Added RedLogic, may have made a small mess.


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Short rundown: After refitting one of the Lake Castles into a base, I wanted to use the Tinker's Construct Drawbridges to make my gates and drawbridges. They work fine, but I loathe the vanilla redstone and decided to shove RedLogic in there.

I'd previously popped OptiFine (per this forum's instructions) into Hexxit, as well as MorePistons for 1.5.2. Those worked fine. When I popped RedLogic in, the first thing I noticed was one invisible item, the Freestanding Red Alloy Wire. Not a problem, moved on.

Now, I've been playing for a day or two after wiring my gates, buuut I'm noticing some graphic corruptions that weren't there before. Random items having invisible or corrupted icons, and for the first time, a sheep's textures were all sorts of misaligned. I thought it was the texture pack, but switching textures to Vanilla does the same.

So clearly I flubbed it. Perhaps it's a block/item ID issue, but I haven't had conflict crashes. I did have the wherewithal to backup my entire Hexxit folder, saves and all, before installing RedLogic so it can be undone at the loss of some construction work.

So, I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on how to tidy this up? I can always make more backups, so I'll try just about anything. Really don't want to resort to vanilla redstone.

Didn't put this in the Bugs forum only because it's not a problem with the normal Hexxit setup, which had worked flawlessly before inserting RedLogic. If it should be there, I apologize. If any of the log files are of use, I'll provide them. If you made it this far, thanks.

EDIT: I snapped a couple shots of it, for reference.

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