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Ideas to make the best modpack better


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A dark race/class update:


1. Naga-waterbreathing, double defense but cant wear leggings or boots and you look like a naga. What more needs to be said.

2. Skeleton- night vision, undead wont attack you. Clank-clank.

3.Demon- fire resist, half defense special new demon armor sets. Can fly for short distances. Bring down hellfire.

4.Orc-double hp, likes clubs. For the horde!


1.necromancer-summon the undead and inflict wither. Rise my minions.

2.assassain-daggers, poision, and smoke bombs. Will kill. For a price.

3. Reaper-uses scythes to harvest souls for devastating black magic. Soul eater refrence like a boss!


Fix villager crashes and if you do the dark races/classes update give the normal races and classes a boost. This all together plus giving better texturing to the armors and weapons would perfect the modpack in my opinion.

Oh and comment on this thread if you agree or have more ideas

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