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The Cyberdog Network Hexxit SMP Series Introduction


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The friendly YouTube community of entertaining gamers for all ages

The CyberDog Network (CDN) is a friendly community brand of gamers who play a whole range of games to be enjoyed by the public of all ages.

Rendog has been a youtube gaming content producer since Spring'2011 and is the founding member of the Network, Originally he invited Baergo, Muddog, & Razor who were active members of staff at Dogcraft.net. These partners already had successful channels on their own before joining the network. DogCraft.Net is the official home of the CyberDog Community.

The CyberDog Network was officially launched in September, 2013 with a Collaborative MineCraft: Hexxit series that is the Flagship program of the Network.

Today the Community continues to flourish with new cyberdog viewers joining them every week like Strife, the latest member to join the cyberknights for more and more exciting adventures. Members produce collaborative works and solo series on their own, providing content of all styles and tastes.

The Hexxit Series Cyberknights :: Go Check Them Out!

Strife's Playlist ::

Baergo's Playlist :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAHh-glq8jCaz21T49uz3d-c1eHl2_lmy

Muddog's Playlist ::

Rendog's Playlist ::

Razor's Playlist ::

Group Hexxit Videos

Pillage That Village ::

The Two Towers ::

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