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[1.5.2] Flaming Fields World War II [Flaming Fields ModPack] [20 Slots] [Development] [Whitelist]

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Flaming Fields World War II, (Or FFWW2 for short) is a multiplayer experience unlike any other. Players have a wide range of possible paths. You choose your own role in the largest war in history. Will you be a factory worker producing goods for the war effort, or a footman on the front lines? Will you be a humble farmer, or a gallant general? Will you be a flying ace, or a wanderer simply watching the war decimate the planet? The choice is yours in this epic multiplayer experience.


You've just joined FFWW2 for the first time. You see that your title in chat is foreigner. How do you join a country? Well, First of all, you have to raise money to move out of the starting town. Once you have the required funds to emigrate, you can immigrate into whichever country you chose. Choose wisely though, because it's extremely difficult to emigrate again. There are five nations you can join.


Each country has 3 cities in their respective map positions, (with the exception of Germany, who has 2 occupied French cities) and you will promptly be taken to the capital of your selected nation. There, you are free to do whatever you want. You can take up a job, wander around, enlist in the military, or beg for money on a street corner. The choice is yours.


As a Newfound citizen of a nation, you might want to look into how you can benefit your society. There are many ways you can do this. The Simplest way to do so is to take up a job at a factory. You don't need to purchase a license, you help the military with goods, and you get paid. However, if you're looking for a higher paying job, you should get a Farmer's certificate and go work at the farms. The job is easier and you get better pay, and you can feed yourself. If you're looking for a little danger, you can purchase a Mining Certificate and head over to the mines or ore possessing. This is the highest paying job, but is high risk.


If the economical life isn't your cup of tea, there's another option. You can enlist in the military and receive a fixed income. There are four branches you can join within the military. If you join the Army, you will be a standard foot unit for your nation, taking the smallest pay, but getting the biggest bite of the action. If you join the Tank Crew, you get a slightly higher pay than the Army troops, and you get to drive a tank. However, this can be rather dull and even suicidal at times. If you join the Air Force, you gat a moderate pay, and the least amount of action. However, you have possibly the hardest possible jobs/positions in the game. The last unit you can enlist in is the Special Unit. Each Nation has their own.

Germany - Waffen SS

America - US Marines

Britain - SAS

Russia - Red Guard

Japan - Bonzai Unit

Each Unit is essentially the same. They are infantry units with better equipment, better salary, and better fights. They do however, have extensive training and limited capacity. After being in the military for an extended period of time, you can decide to rank up to an officer. Officers are highly experienced and respected war veterans. They are essential in battles and can turn the tide of war. They have the ability to set up defenses on the battlefield and lead the military to victory. They are not however the top dogs in the military. The rank of General is reserved for the few able to take the position. They are in charge of the military and decide when to attack, where to build bases, and what tactics will be employed on the battlefield. They receive the highest pay in the game and are extremely difficult to become.


The economical system is extremely unique in FFWW2. All civilian workers are paid on output and production. You produce goods, you put the good into crates, and you get paid. If you take things OUT of crates, it charges you the appropriate amount. Therefore, they work as a storage, buying, and selling mechanic all in one. If you are in th military, you get paid a flat salary. However, you also recieve a different kind of currency. In addition to a flat salary of money, you also get a daily veteran point. You can buy weapons and equipment at the warehouses, or you can use veteran points to get equipment directly from the military.


FFWW2 Uses a modified version of factions that allows for battles to have a lasting affect on the world. Each nation is completely claimed by their faction. Players are not allowed to enter an enemy nations territory. When a general initiates a battle, it declaims some land from both factions. Battles typically last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It keeps going until one side surrenders. The winning team gets their land back plus the land declaimed from the loosing team.


The map used in FFWW2 is a 1:1500 Scale model of the Earth made by Lentebriesje. We have built the cities on their respective locations (out of scale of course, each block = 1.5 km!) and claimed for factions accordingly.


So Come on down and help the war effort. We can't do it alone!









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Ip Enclosed in Modpack, but just in case:

Currently the rules are as follows:

No Unapproved builds

Don't Modify anything.

The server will Be up irregularly. Whitelisted players will be notified.

Currently The server is under Heavy development and is not available publicly. You can however apply to help develop the server! This can be Plugin-wise or building-wise. We have our own plugin developing guy, but we can always use more. If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below onto this thread!

In Game name:

Skype name:

What are you good at:

What can you help us with:

How can we trust you:

Why do you want to help:

What color is Link's Underwear:

If you are accepted, I will add you on skype. You will be notified via skype whenever the dev server is opened, and yo will be put onto the whitelist. Please support us by helping. We are very busy and can use some helping hands to make this server come alive. Thank you.

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