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Hi my name is Bubbamack1 im looking for kids to play on a server who know how to have fun and not be greifers or do the things that people hate and dont want you to on there server.

Rules: 1 No player killing

2 No stealing players items unless told to take them

3 You may make your house where ever however you like in creative mode as long as its just the structure.

4 No spamming messages or being toxic in chat

5 No arguing through chat you have a problem let me or Jermisboss know

What im looking for: 1 Want players who are familiar with tekkit light with the machines and what there capable of

2 Players who have Skype

3 Players who are on the server with everyone else daily or every other day

4 Lastly to have a Minecraft community on tekkit because its what ive been wanting for a while now

Want to contact me just message me or comment on the board. Also my skype name is Jimmiekincaid11 if you send me a request on it type why you added me so i know who you are.

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