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Tekkit Classic Java 64-bit se not responding upon loading world?

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My tekkit world loads perfectly fine at the Mojang screen, and acts as it normally does, but as soon as my world is loaded, and i look in a specific direction, my game has a crash with no error reports. The only thing in that area is a quarry, some railways, and my old crap facility that i had abandoned.This facility had the normal energy condensers and other light machines( I gutted the important stuff). I've gotten especially far in this world, and would not like to delete it.


1.)I've installed java repeatedly in both 64 and 32 bit editions.

2.)I reinstalled t3eh technic launcher and all the mods while keeping the save data in a separate folder.

3.)This was no due to any update, I have been running 3.1.2 for ages now, and it worked just fine until recently.

4.)There is a world anchor operating a quarry in the distance in a far-out chunk that happens to be in that direction.

Please help, guys! Thanks!

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