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[1.5.2]MassacreMC[40 players][PVE][No Griefing][No Whitelist][MassacreMC Modpack]

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Hello i am Pretty New at posting this kind of thread so bare with me

I wanted to put up a modpack and server for people to enjoy

The Modpack is Called MassacreMC Modpack It is verison 1.5.2.. i put together a tech world with all kinds of mods but doesnt contain some of the harder mods like gregtech... im hoping it will be fun to see alot of you

But the Website for the server/pack is

And to Get the Modpack i will put the api Below
Here is the api ---> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/massacremc-152.276493

Here is the Ip- Will be Back Up Soon
Server Rules
-Do Not Grief
-Do Not Ask For OP
-Make Sure Your Language is clean
-No PVP(PVP is Turned Off for the time being)

Banned Items
-Mining Laser - bypasses griefing
-tnt -bypasses Griefing
-Nuke bypass Griefing
-Industrial tnt -Also Bypasses griefing

I got A logo And Background now

Some Of the plugins Will be below
-MultiWorld(Adding soon)
I hope to see you in the server

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