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[3.1.2]S1-Tekkit Classic ::Beta[pvp/pve][20 slots][SimpleClans][Limited EE]


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Server IP:


  1. NO all caps in chat, spamming, or offensive language in Global chat.
  2. NO hacked clients
  3. NO advertising other servers
  4. Minor Griefing allowed (stealing items, or breaking a few blocks), any large griefing will result in being punished/
  5. No alternate accounts
  6. No sexually explicit or racist builds/signs

Disabled MODS:

  • EE is completely disabled, but will come back if its an issue.


  • Essentials
  • SimpleClans
  • Multivers-Portals
  • Chestshop
  • Vault
  • Laggclear
  • Citizens
  • do /pl for a full list in game.

We are a fun small community with very helpful friendly staff able to answer most questions or even teach you how to play. We have monthly build challenges and server builds, along with seasonal events. We are looking for nice, devoted players that aim to take over the world with their clan!

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