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IC2 crashes 1.5.2


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So my friends recently wanted to play a mod pack that has the mods we love, one look at big dig and I knew it was the one. But recently I have added some mods to the pack manually sick as Thaumcraft, biomes i plenty, Archimedes ships mod, damage indicators, and factorization. But there was one thing that was missing that we all loved which was IC2 so in attempt to make this the best pack I ever played I tried to add ic2, I've tried many versions of ic2 but they all crash. Is there a way I can add ic2 without removing any mods? Or is it a certain forge I need? If you want the crash log ask and I will send it in any help isuch appreciated ( we mainly want it for the nuclear reactor and the power supply such as solar panels and the other cool features like the armor) you Must agree. And one last thing, will it be possible in a future update to add ic2? The more mods the better thanks and have a good Christmas :D -your good friend Daniel

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