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[0.6.5]Keep What You Kill[24/7][24Slots][PvP/PvE][Raiding][Griefing] [Factions] [MCMMO]


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The Kill Box aka Block-crushers ------------> s44.hosthorde.com:25763

Server rules

1. No hacking of any kind. We will kill you (repeatedly) take your head and ban you..

2. No duping or exploitation of glitches and bugs. See rule 1.

3. Respect your fellow players.

4. Other than spawn and the shop, kill anything that moves!

Advise from one who knows.

1. If you build within 5000 blocks from spawn you will be found.

2. Punch a tree make a sword and 4 boats.

3. Kill a pig, now cook the pig.

4. Take boat to nearest ocean.

5. Paddle for 2 hours.

6. You are now safe. (maybe)


This server is adult owned and run. We do not play kids games (except MC) and run a tight ship. We are constantly World Editing, replanting trees, removing old bases, filling holes, and fixing water...etc. We do this to keep the world nice for new victims.. I mean players..

There is usually someone in charge on to help. The server is here for you, so you tell us want you want.

Other Stuff

We have taken over this server and have and are making lot's of changes. New shops, New econ, and new ranks.

Thanks, and we hope to see you soon.. Stay Poised, and raid on!!!!

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