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necessary resources for build a high voltage solar painel!


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Hey guys

After a few time I finaly calculated all the items that was necessary for the high voltage sollar array, and here it is:

note: transformers are not included, this will create 4096 solar painels, the necessary quantity for the high voltage array

1.... to make high voltage solar arreay (without transformers):

640 generators (10 stacks)

1280 electronic circuits (20 stacks)

1920 glass (30 stacks)

1920 coal dust (30 stacks)

2.... to make 640 generators:

640 RE-battery - 40 tin stacks, 20 redstone stacks, 10 insulated copper cable stacks

640 Iron furnace - 50 iron stacks, 10 furnace stacks

1920 Refined iron - 30 refined iron stacks

3.... to make 1280 electronic circuits:

120 insulated copper cable stacks (holy shit!)

1280 refined iron (20 stacks)

2560 redstone (40 stacks)

putting everything together:

glass: 30 stacks

coal dust: 30 stacks

tin: 40 stacks

refined iron: 50 stacks

iron: 50 stacks

copper: 65 stacks

rubber: 130 stacks

redstone: 40 stacks

cobblestone: 80 stacks

That was a huge work, I hope everything here is correct!

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