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[1.1.10]FabulousCraft[Factions][20 slots]


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Come join JAW1942, epicninja_4311, and many more as we explore the vast reaches of Minecraftia! Glide across mountain ranges in powered armour suits or hunt skellies and creepers with a musket. Blow up massive buildings of your enemies with one flaming arrow and some cheap TNT! Help us network a massive operation to enable a leisurely Minecraft experience full of prosperity and fun! We are looking for some players who will respect others and have fun, so come on and play with us! Thank You

IP: mc13:fadehost.com:25698

Rules: Don't whine. Don't be a hard@$$.

Moderator Status: To become moderator, you must show that you can be fun, but also mature. You must also show that you can be friendly and will bring good company our server.

"Lo were the dregs of creation banished to the neon blue sea, never again to trouble the devout. And thus it was decreed "thou shalt not destroy their works, even as they are the works of damnation, but instead preserve them so that others might read of them and chuckle." - Book of Technic: Beta, 1.1.4

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