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Looking for an admin with a good idea about how to put your server on the map? look no further!


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k. I was gonna make a server myself but the 3 symbols of evilness stopped me. HOSTING COSTS! PLUGIN CODING! ALL THE OTHER NIGGLY BITS! so i thought i would take my fantastic idea and see if another tekkit classic server would take it on and put it into practise. please?

OK. The idea.

every person likes something different, so the more things you have on the server the more people you will attract and/or the more fun it will be.

Drop Parties

there will be 2 drop party halls/areas, side rooms from a large spawn area with warps as well. One will be the 'official drop party' where every friday night at the same time the admins give out the drops, this will be closed at any other time. the other 1 is 24/7 unofficial which can be run by players.


there will be an admin shop selling everything and then a player market area.


1. minigames with HG, MA,SPLEEF

2. survival PVP - no mining here-normal pvp world

3. resource world (NOPVP) everyone mines here and here only. more on this later.

4. survival PVE (once again no mining)

5. creative if possible, plots creative.




MCjobs (nerfed a bit)

word edit and other essential plugins





to attempt to unban the infamous mining lasers and other tools they will be usage/crafting banned(but you can still hold it on you) in all other worlds except the mining world. the mining world will be a sort of 'wreck-everything' place with a lot of dangerous mining tools unbanned, which will be reset every week or on request. the Idea is that you take the laser ingredients to the mine world, where you can use public crafting booths to make your tool, then either bring a charging mechanism like a solar array or charge in public solar panels (5eu/t). when your finished in the resource world you just go back to whichever world you live in and the laser will no longer be able to work or, if a plugin can be found, a system where you can leave your items in a chest and they will still be there after the reset (like an enderchest sort of thing) you can go back and pick it up.


me xD


hours 0-1 Newcomer

-essentials stuff, 5 jobs

hours 2-5 Door Minder

-factons, +5 jobs

hours 5-10 Barrow Pusher

-chestshops +5 jobs mk1 divining rod

hours 10-20 Barrow manager

Use of condensers

hours 20-40 Novice Miner

use of mk1 collector

hours 40-70 Miner

mk2 collector mk1 relay

hours 70-100 Blast Miner =10 jobs

mk3 collector -mk2 relay -mk2 divining rod

hours 100-140 Legendary Miner

mk3 relay mk3 divining rod all jobs

hours 140+ Manager


acces to some explosives.


as you have probaby gathered im not very good at plugins so obviously we would need more to actually make the server work (and i have been eying up the '&1' colored writing one.) if you do use the idea, please tell me of the IP cuz it would be fun to play, if im not admin. thankyou

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