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Chunk loading! >:|


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Ever since VoltZ had buildcraft removed there is NO WAY to forceload chunks.

No Steve's carts, No world Anchors, no Chunkloader Turtles from computercraft, nothing.

This means every time i leave my base my forcefield disappears, and when someone comes by late and tries to get in my base it has to re-make all the forcefield blocks.

This takes a good 5 minutes to do, leaving my base totally vulnerable.

When I go on mining trips and I want to get home real fast, I try to use my personal teleporter. Most of the time it doesn't work because the chunks aren't loaded.

I want to launch a missile strike on my friends while they are away, so I launch my nukes and then what happens? They can TRAVEL through unloaded chunks just fine, but they can't seem to actually detonate and destroy the target location unless it is loaded.

Want machines working away for you while you are gone? TOO BAD! :D

Without chunk loaders, there is no way to make your factory work while you are away seeing a friend in the desert.

Anyways this is becoming quite a problem and I beg that you guys throw in SOMETHING that loads chunks and spew out a new version so people don't keep breaching forcefielded bases.

Computercraft would be a nice choice because it is intuitive and fun, and still loads chunks via Chunk Loader Turtles.

Steve's carts would be a secondary, although it is kind of lame.

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