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[3.1.2]Ham-Craft[PvP][12 Slots][Towny,Grief Protection,Lockette and More!][Limited Banned Items]


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Server IP: Ham-Craft.beastnode.net Or


1.No PvP

2.No Griefing Or Raiding 7.Respect Staff!

3.No swearing 8.No Advertising

4.No Racism 9.No asking for Ranks, Or 5 minute Mute!

5.No hacking of any kind 10. No LARGE EMC Generators`

There is only 23 items Banned, to see these type ./banned , In-game!!

Major Plugins!: LaggClear,Vault,Mob Disguise, Worldedit/WorldGuard,ChestShop,TekkitRestrict,Playtime.

Server is 24/7!

Ham-Craft is a Small server for people who dont want to play alone but want to not be griefed, and have a 24/7 Server.




[if you cant see Them /\ \/]

[ http://imgur.com/JwUyRwy , http://imgur.com/yTkVs1O , http://imgur.com/7zGniYT ]

Our Website: http://ham-craft.enjin.com/

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