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[3.1.2]FireRed Tekkit [24/7][Factions][150 Slots][PVP-Raiding-Griefing][Banned Items]


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IP: tekkit.fireredmc.com


(Excuse the amazing MS Paint Skills. This will be changed. Placeholder.)

Welcome to the FireRed Tekkit server, the popular Pixelmon server now expanding into the realm of tekkit! We hope to aim for a great success with our Tekkit server and bring players into fantastic experience with our staff and players.


1. No Offensive Language.

2. No Hacking

3. No usage of Banned Items

4. No overflowing\leaking Machines or pipes

5. No building within 200 Blocks of Spawn

6. Don't ask Staff for Items\Ranks

7. Do not advertise for other servers.

Failure to follow rules will result in mutes\bans. You have been warned now.



Volcanite Armor

Tank Carts

Destruction Catalyst

Catalyst Lens

Black Hole Band

Block Breaker

World Anchor

Teleport Tether

Void Ring

All we're looking for is willing players that want to have a great time in the land of Tekkit and that people follow rules, band together, and survive the warring factions between certain people.

Check out our website if you're also interested in joining our Pixelmon Server as well! Experience the enjoyment of playing Pokemon in Minecraft at FireRed!

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We're having some awful downtime because our server hoster is being rotten with us. Rest assured it WILL be changed since the owner is building his own rig to run the server. Just bare with us if you do join and want to stay and be with us. We will get it fixed.

Thank you!

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