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[0.6.5]HeatCraftV2[PVP][OPEN][lugins][24/7][700 Slots][Griefing][][Friendly][No banned items]


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Welcome to HEATCRAFTV2 We are currently looking for staff.


IF you would like :to play Vanilla Craft bukkit we offer it Ip below. 24/7 Dedicated IP [CRAFTBUKKIT 1.7.2]

  • IP: Ip is down while we reupload latest data.
  • [Yes we change ips alot we are low on cash striving for low priced VPS! once we get the money flying in we will have a deciated ip this ip will stay for 1 week!]
  • Server rules:Be nice respect the authorities
  • No mods blocked.
  • No banned items
  • Major plugins [NONE REMOVED!]
  • We are new some of you may remember heatcraft this time we are looking for new mods admins and we don't want to be a crappy server WE ARE DEDICATED we run off a 24/7 SERVER
  • restarts every 2 Days
  • The expected uptime of the server, 24/7,
  • We want loyal and nice and active people we have many good plugins and rewards.

Something to note about using nukes on are server.

Allowed nukes to be held: 5

Allowed nukes you can set off at 1 time: 1


Allowed tnt to be held :64

Allowed tnt to be set off: 20

Nuke reactors Allowed :5

Note:make sure to not blow them up!


Moderators:Looking for some APPLY Today

Winter raffle win VIP!

We try are best for you to have a blast!



Loving the server completely so far! It's great. Used hate PvP and Raids but this server really made it fun! Especially with my bud and this amazing new owner we have just come across. He's very sociable and isn't always dark and depressed... A owner to me is a big aspect of a server and he hits the high A+ on what I like to see in a owner! Very kind and loves to help :D SO ya so far loving it keep it up this server has a long way to go and it's only on a road to success!

-FrostedCakez (Jake Dales) :D

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