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Let's Play: Tekkit Classic - The Industrial City plan begins!


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Let's Play: Tekkit Classic

Greetings everyone!

I am back for you guys,with a new series of Let's Play ! :D This time it's the old school,classy,fasion and epic,Tekkit Classic !


Industrial City.That means,a city with a lot of buildings containing different "farms" and even solar pannel fields.This city will inculde my own house too,or should I say,penthouse!

Dark Matter Set.As you know,dark matter,it's the hardest material to craft in Tekkit Classic,so I will try to make a whole set.

Huge Nether Base

Huge mob spawner.

Different arhitectural structures (because,I rule at building xD)


With all being said,I am waiting you to join my adventure!Come with me,to make me finish all of these quests!

If you are willing to join me,check my channel:

RoCk Gaming

Tekkit Classic Series

That's it ! Thanks for everything,stay awesome,and don't forget that...

YOU RoCk!!!!

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