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tconAutov1.1 for tinkers construct


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tconAuto v1.1 by kSpade

This script is for easy adding modifiers in t construct tool forges.

Setup default is for Hexxit (change in settings.ini)

Start off with tool inside tool forge and modifiers in your inventory

(Do NOT place modifiers inside tool forge)

1. Press the "Home" key to activate

2. Enter mod type (enter the name of the picture, or create your own)

and amount of stacks to be added (only full stacks of 64 are found)

3. ???

4. Profit


Home - Runs full program

Alt+Home - Only adds modifiers

End - Ends modifier loop


=========At any time you can stop the loop by pressing/holding the "End" key.==========



The pictures searched for are those created from my personal settings,

set to windowed mode.. and may not work for you.

If it keeps saying "cannot find %type%, love kilo", and you have a FULL stack..

then you'll have to create your own pictures.

Sorry for any inconvenience.




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