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Start Technic Launcher failed - No X11 DISPLAY variable set


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I tried to setup a Hexxit-Server based on Debian.

But when starting the TechnicLauncher.jar, I got an error message:


No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program perfomed an operation which requires it.

The Debian-Server has no xserver installed, only command line.

Minecraft standard installation is running well.

Does the Hexxit-Server require a installed xserver?

Or is it for the TechnicLauncher only? And if so, would it be possible to install the Hexxit-System without running the TechnicLauncher?

Thanks for your help.

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i believe Hexxit uses a modifed version of the vanilla server jar, which by default launches a GUI. spesify --nogui after your

-jar Hexxit.jar

argument. however, if im reading that right, your trying to launch TechnicLauncher.jar, which is the client launcher.

you need to download the hexxit server files from Here

if you want to enable bukkit plugins, you'll either need BukkitForge (simpler to use, adds the bukkit API as a coremod) or MCPC+ (more compatable with plugins, basically a newer version of the tekkit 1.2.5 server where forge was added to the bukkit server)

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Hi JamiePhonic,

aah, I felt right.

While fiddling with the TechnicLauncher, my impression was, that this would be only the client and that there must be a server package anywhere.

And there where some hints in a few forum posts.

But I couldn't find any information, where to download something like hexxit.jar

At the website "www.technicpack.net", i found only links to TechnicLauncher, but nothing about any server packages.

Do you know a more informative site / forum around the hexxit server?

With information about server config and new versions?

At the moment, the hexxit server ist starting up with the "nogui" option.

Now, I'm looking for the next steps.

Thank you for your assistance

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