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[TekkitLite]TekkitX[25 slots][NoWhitelist][Grief Protection]


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Essentials, WE, WG, Safe Inventory, Grief Prevention, Heads and much more..!

Server IP: 82.25.206:25565

TekkitX first started off as a small 20 person community server back in 2010, help us grow bigger again today!

The expected uptime of the server is 247 because we have aqured a private server for our players to enjoy their time on. We previously had a Faction Bukkit server with around 10-20 people on, with 4 people in each faction, we always aspire for the same thing to happen again, but hopefully bigger. We have a timed rank system to benefit long-term players more.

Our only current banned items are [Tekkit Items] plus the Invisibility potion.

This is the starting rank. You will have access to the basic commands of the server. Your ability to play is the same as any others no matter what your rank is, just enter the world and build whatever your heart may desire.


This rank requires you to prove yourself that you understand most if not all of Tekkit. This rank is obtained after dedicating a proportion of your time to the server and proves trust. This rank receives extra commands, permissions and bonuses, as your proven loyalty suggests you wont abuse new features for example. If features are abused, your rank will be stripped.


This requires the upmost trust from all the Server Staff Team. These players receive benefits when necessary and will be able to beta test any new plugins or mods we look to implement. TrustedLV1 do not currently have any extra benefits except the TrustedLV1 tag at this stage.


This rank will be implemented soon.


Moderators are trusted staff members and have a few more commands to help with grief reports and other server-related incidents.


The administrator rank is the top rank that only the best staff members will obtain. Administrators help run the server and keep the server and staff under control. They will enforce server rules and have the most responsibility in the game. Administrators have the final say.

Staff List:

Owner: DreadxGamer

Admin: [None]

Moderator: [None]


The next 3 images are of the Trusted Room. Please look above to see what the requirements are for the Trusted Rank:




This photo below is the picture of the room you first spawn in:


The following photo is the hierarchy of the Server Team:


The photo below is a picture of Market:


And Finally, there is one more photo.

This Photo gives brief Donator information as well as a short anecdote of the server:


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