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My Applied Energistics Setup is Duplicating Redstone


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I noticed when ever I tell my me system to autocraft a high voltage solar array it doesn't use redstone, it makes it, so I pulled the pattern out that tells it how to make redstone from uu-matter and it still was making it, I removed all uu-matter from my me system and it was still creating redstone..somehow, I don't need infinite redstone or want to cheat, I don't know how this happened but would like to make it stop, has anyone else come across this before where applied energistics duplicates items? can someone help me make it stop?

I'm not sure what information will help, but I'm using tekkit lite 0.6.5 and playing on a server with dimensional doors removed.

Edit: it lags when I try to access a terminal/monitor when making a hv solar array.

Adding a chunk loader in each dimension and removing dimensional doors mod seemed like the only way to stop the memory leeks, reason for removal, oh and when ever I entered one of those dimensions only 1 chunk would load.

Making the electric circuits and the re batteries first then hv solar arrays seems to have stoped it, I wonder if the system is trying to go through too many recipes at once, guess this will do for now.

now it's duping coal...

stopped after I removed all uu-matter recipes, worked with just the coal one. Seems like it can't handle more then 1 uu-matter recipe.

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