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Classic duplication items list


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Can some1 inform me of all items that are involved of duplication? Everytime il disable 1 item, there always comes a way they keep continues duplicateing.

Items i have already cought are:

Alchemical chest breaking (Need help, how can i disable this duplication without baning item)

Alchemical bag - Black Hole band + Gem of density (Solved with baning bouth items)

RM furnace (Solved with Shift click disable)

Tank Cart + can be flooded (Solved)

Item loader (Banned, but is there way to disable this glitch? and how?)

Block Breaker + Automatic Crafting table (Block Breaker disabled)

Transmutation Table (Shift Click disabled)

Also im curious is there way to disable keys like R or V on specific items?

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