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1.1.10 WPG WastdProdigyGamers server


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In this server we have almost everything. We now have factions,jobs,jail and MUCH MUCH MORE AND MORE TO COME!. we are adding Jobs on there as of today. make ur own RPG games and make your own big town. Become the mayor or leader of ur team and protect your town or take over someone else Factions and claim it as your own. The team who lost there Faction will and can have a chance to fight for it back. Make an HQ before making your town. Once your town been taking over and the HQ is in ur enemy's hands you have lost your town. however you can build ur army back up to take ur town back and take over there HQ. Once you lost ur HQ hurry up and make another HQ to make ur army stronger then before. Any more ideas Please let us know at our website By clicking here wastedprodigygamers.com . This is a tekkit server must have tekkit platform to play! Download link ----> http://www.technicpack.net/download <----


Todays update : We need players to help with spawn and arena's. This does not give you admin or mod. but will give u some good items if you help finish the project's.

Why Donations?

Donations does help with our server to stay up and running along with our website. If it wasn't for you guys this server wouldn't have been up in the first place. We like to see our player's to show support to us to help us out. With Donations come's with great prize's on in game items. Remember put ur name in there and email. so we know who you are to give you ur items.

What makes this server better from other's?

All tho our server is new, This is and will be a great place to start. We hope that this server become's not only just a game but a home. Our Admin's,Mods,Co-owner,and Owner is very nice if you show respect to them they will show respect back. But remember this server is PVP so we can't control what others do on our server. We do have alot of plugins and they will be getting worked on everyday. Our server is not just something you go into and just play. you will meet some new friends when this server IP gets out there. And we hope to get more players as this is a new server. With WPG server we are fun,friendly,family ppl. We hope this will help you come to our server and be proud that you did. See you soon!

What if i don't see the plugins that i like to see?

Plugins are very easy to get. But we want to make sure our plugins isn't considered cheating. All you have to do is go to our website @ wastedprodigygamers.com and go to forums then minecraft. from there you will request a plugin and our Admin's will look over it. within 24hrs you should see your plugins in the game if its not considered cheating to us.

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