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[Technic]New Let’s Play, been going a while!


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I have done a few let’s plays in my time on YouTube but I have never stuck with a whole world for very long. Since I found out about mods like BC/IC/RP/EE and that they were compatible I really fell in love with Minecraft again.

After a few updates I got sick of installing my mods again and also explaining to people how they can play my world with the mods I had installed so I installed Technic. Originally I was not a big fan but I have come to really love the mod pack! I moved all my stuff from my old world to a new Technic world so that anyone could download my world and play!

The aim of my let’s play is to have everything automated with a few exceptions and I am really enjoying learning and building new and better contraptions. I try not to talk to people like idiots and I assume that people already know how Technic works and how some of the mods work.

I have posted a few tutorials and I have a few more planned too.

I try to pump out a video every day or so but do to my work schedule I can’t always post a video. My first few videos have a few hiccups with black spots or just not rendered correctly but I have a new pc now and I think I have ironed out all the bugs. I am always trying to improve my videos and you should see a steady improvement.

So I am 30+ episodes in and I hope you enjoy it! There is still a whole load of Technic i have not touched!

Play List: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePh3ll

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3CED3F06FC23BAEA&feature=plcp


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